About Me

I am the Slayer of Bad Design and Hero of the Ad World. I have reigned victorious in the halls of Outdoor Advertising as well as all levels of traditional print and web design. I have sampled the fabled life of the video game industry from humbled beginnings as a QA Tester to emerge like a great Phoenix as a UI Artist. My thirst for knowledge grows stronger and will not stop even after every man, woman and child has graced my work.

My Skills

Some of my specialties include creative direction, print design, web design, production management, outdoor advertising, marketing, UI/UX and software quality assurance. Check out my UI/UX work demos below from the 007 Quantum of Solace video game.

UI You Tube UI/UX demo reel

HUD You Tube HUD demo reel


Check out my work history at the link below. Feel free to read and download a copy for yourself!


As a designer, I have worn many hats. I should seriously open a hat store. Below is a small collection of what I have accomplished through 15+ years of my career.

Everything Else 1

Everything Else Comes Second Campaign (1 of 3): Doublelift/UFO

Magazine 2pg Print Ad

Everything Else 2

Everything Else Comes Second Campaign (2 of 3): King Kong

Magazine 2pg Print Ad

Everything Else 3

Everything Else Comes Second Campaign (3 of 3): Godzilla

Magazine 2pg Print Ad

Full Throttle Billboard

Full Throttle Embellished Outdoor Bulletin

14'x48' Vinyl Billboard

Computer System Packaging Design

iBUYPOWER Gaming Computer Packaging Design

Package Design

Twin Cities Ad

Twin Cities Hospital Ad

In-Gym Poster Ad

Snowblind Frame

Snowblind Frame Product Design Concept

Product Design

iBP Insider

iBUYPOWER Insider Company Newsletter


adidas Wall Mural

adidas Wall Mural

Outdoor Media

Live Custom Configurator

Live Custom Configurator

Web Design

iBUYPOWER Core Website

iBUYPOWER Website Redesign

Web Design

iBUYPOWER Core Website 2017

iBUYPOWER Website Redesign 2017

Web Design

Weekly Sales Landing Pages

Weekly Sales Landing Pages

Web Design

Landing Page

RGB Smart Lighting Landing Page

Web Design

Landing Page

Partner Landing Pages

Website Design

Insider Eblast

Weekly Insider Newsletter

Email Marketing Design

iBP Affirm LP

iBP Affirm Financing Landing Page

Web Design

Team iBUYPOWER CSGO Steam Stickers

Steam Marketplace CS:GO Stickers

In-Game Custom Skins

Quantum Start Screen

Quantum of Solace Game Start Screen

UI/UX & Menu

Quantum Game Menu

Quantum of Solace Game Menu


Achievement Icons

Quantum of Solace Game Achievement Icons


Weapon State Icons

Weapon HUD icons

UI Art - Quantum of Solace

Quantum In Game HUD

In Game HUD Elements


Incredibles UI

The Incredibles UI Elements

User Interface

Arro Autogas Logo

Arro Autogas Logo

Logo Design and Corporate Identity

Chimera 5 Logo

Chimera 5 Logo

Logo Design

Revolt Logo

Revolt logo

Logo Design

Trace Case

iBUYPOWER Trace Product Photo

Product Photography

Trace Side

iBUYPOWER Trace Product Photo Side Angle

Product Photography

Tt Versa N27

Thermaltake Versa N27 Case Product Photo

Product Photography

iBP Slate Case

Raidmax Alpha Case Product Photo

Product Photography


E3 2017





OC Fair

iBUYPOWER Gamefest @ OC Fair


Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel


Comic Con

Comic Con 2017 Cosplay


Credited Game Titles

During my gaming career, I have credited work on 4 AAA titles from EA Los Angeles, Treyarch and Pandemic Studios

Team Member
The Saboteur

Pandemic Studios

Quality Assurance Tester

Released December 8, 2009
Team Member
007: Quantum of Solace


User Interface Artist

Released November 4, 2008
Team Member
Medal of Honor: Airborne

EA Los Angeles

Quality Assurance Tester

Released September 4, 2007
Team Member
Command & Conquer 3

EA Los Angeles

Quality Assurance Tester

Released March 28, 2007

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Awards Won

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Cantu Designs

2641 1/2 Lake Ave

Altadena, CA


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